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This section is a gallery of my Invertebrate photos except for Nudibranchs which can be found in the Nudibranchs Gallery.


Caribbean Reef Octopus
Octopus briareus

Caribbean Spiny Lobster
Panulirus argus

Christmas Tree Worm
Spirobranchus giganteus

Yellowline Arrow Crabs
Stenorhynchus seticornis

Channel Islands

Giant Kelp
Macrocystis pyrifera

Spiny Brittle Stars
Ophiothrix spiculata


Goby Shrimp
Alpheus djeddensis

Tube Anemone
Cerianthus sp.

White-spotted Hermit Crab
Dardanus megistos

Hermit Crab
Dardanus pedunculatus

Deep Water Form
Fungia fungites

Harlequin Crab
Lissocarcinus laevis

Octopus cyanea
Octopus cyanea

Mantis Shrimp
Odontodactylus scyallarus

Brittle Star
Ophiomastix variabilis

Broadclub Cuttlefish
Sepia latimanus

Zenopontonia rex
Zenopontonia rex

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